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Good Water Quality Is Just A Turn Of A Faucet Away

In the 1970s when Perrier bottled water was first introduced, the vast majority of people laughed out loud. The idea of having to pay for a bottle of water was patently ridiculous, and it still is; however, the world at large has been convinced otherwise by some very sharp marketing campaigns. Today most people in the developed world believe that the water that comes from their tap is undrinkable and that they must pay a fortune to purchase water in bottles. The fact of the matter is, water in the developed world is, for the most part, closely monitored and regulated and is perfectly safe right out of your tap. It may need some treatment to remove the chemicals used in processing to make it safe; however, simple, affordable water filtration pitchers make this easy to accomplish. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

There are several brands of carbon activated water filtration pitchers that cost around $20 to purchase with a filter included. Filters generally last about three months and cost about five dollars each. If you buy in bulk, you can sometimes get even better prices than that. It costs about $.50 a gallon to create sparkling, fresh, delicious, safe drinking water using these simple pitcher systems. In fact, this water is of far better quality than any that you could buy bottled.

Money saved is not the only benefit of using a filtration system to create your own good quality drinking water. When you buy bottled water, you are supporting the petroleum industry, creating a horrible pollution problem, trampling human rights and enabling corporate powers to privatize water.It may seem impossible that bottled water could cause all these problems, but it is indeed true!

The process of making plastic water bottles is a horribly polluting one that consumes a great deal of resources. Only a small percentage of these water bottles ever make it back to recycling. Most of them end up polluting our waterways and our oceans. Recycling these bottles also consumes a great deal of resources.

Water that is bottled is very often simply tap water that has been run through a filter and put into a bottle. Alternately, it is pumped from aquifers, often with the result of leaving communities that were served by these aquifers short on water.

The process of bottling water is a vicious cycle that ends up squandering and polluting the water that we have and causes the very condition that water bottling corporations hope for. That is an absolute dearth of naturally occurring potable water resulting in the perceived need for corporate control and processing of this precious resource.

Getting good quality water is an easy task that anybody can perform. You don’t have to have a big fancy water filtration system installed in your home. A simple, affordable pitcher filtration system will meet the needs of most families. Filling your own reusable water container with your own good quality water  to take with you every day is a sensible step that you can take to save water, save money and save the planet. Check out Ecowaternebraska.